Karen Yvonne Deaner, LMT - LiteTouch Bodywork
Massage is for Life!


 LiteTouch Bodywork: Solutions for Individual Needs

Specializing in helping Breast Cancer Survivors and those struggling with Parkinson's Disease and other Neuromuscular Disorders. 

Renew your inner being with a Relaxation Swedish Massage

 Strengthen your immune system with Therapeutic Grade

Essential Oils – Raindrop Therapy Technique

 Reduce inflammation & detox with Lymphatic Massage

 Re-balance the Central Nervous System with gentle

CranialSacral Therapy

 Release muscular pain and tension with Myofascial Massage

Increase Mobility and Range of Motion with

Thai Yoga Stretch and Movement Therapy

  Come explore these Unique Healing Modalities with me!   

Karen Yvonne Deaner, LMT

Massage Is for Life!

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Sessions are personalized to meet individual needs with consideration to medical conditions.